Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saudi Gazette Article- Centers and Clubs for the Deaf

 This is an article published from the newspaper "Saudi Gazette" about the need for opening centers for those who are deaf. I personally have 1 or 2 qualms with this article as it doesn't seem like much thought was put into how people would feel after reading this article. There are points of the article where sensitivity, obviously wasn't thought about.

The article is below:

My first problem: " ....500,000 deaf and dumb people in the Kingdom". I think the "dumb" word was unnecessary and offensive. The use of the term "deaf and dumb" were used to identify people who were deaf and didn't speak or use verbal communication. This term has not been used in the mainstream for years and years. Those who do not speak are now identified as being "mute". So because someone doesn't use verbal communication, that makes them dumb?? Since when??  Additionally, someone who is not able to hear, is able to think! This term is not politically correct, its 2012, Allahu Mus'taain!

My second problem:  ".....he does not think that there is a need for the establishment for special centers for them". So the Director General who is being quoted here is pretty much saying (this is my interpretation) that enough is being done through the Ministry of Social Affairs and nothing additional is needed. Really? So this means that all 500,000 deaf and mute people in the Kingdom are being serviced by the Ministry. Because if they are not, then there need to be other places where they can receive adequate help.

What I do like about the article is the input the author got from some people who work in the field, the information they gave and the statistic given on the number of deaf and mute people in the Kingdom.

So what do you guys think? Should the term "deaf and dumb" be used to identify those who can't hear and or speak? Are there enough centers in the country that cater to those who are deaf and mute? (I don't think 4 qualifies as enough)

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