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 I am Angelina, Aliyah  Ummaryam (whatever you want to call me as long as its not a bad name LOL) an American female Early Childhood Educator, aspiring business woman, merchant, and mom of 2 living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

I hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and a Child Development Certification (CDA). I  have also earned a TESOL Certificate which allows me to teach English as a foreign language (which I take full advantage of LOL) and 7 years of teaching experience and counting. A few of those years as a Supervisor in an Special Education/inclusion setting in America. I am currently the director of "Helping Hands Educational Program" in which we provide in-home services for children with special needs and their families. I am additionally the co-owner of "The English Club", a private ESL tutoring club offering English courses to English learners in Saudi Arabia.

Special Education and working with children who have special needs is my passion.  Since my time in Saudi I have noticed some interesting things in regard to the educational system and the lack of knowledge that people in Saudi have about disabilities and how to educate and care for loved ones with disabilities.

With this blog I hope to help people by educating, informing and creating an awareness  about the wide, lengthy  and complex field of education particularly Early Childhood Education and children with disabilities. With this info I am also hoping more parents are educated and able to care for their children while educators in the field can do the same.

If anyone has any addtional questions, concerns or things they would like to add to I am Special With Needs! please feel free to contact me at: ummaryam86@gmail.com or helpinghandsep@gmail.com

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The information, images, and/or data contained in the postings/ articles I design are copyrighten by Angelina Puryear and Helping Hands Educational Program,(the respective owners) and may not be distributed, modified, reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission of the website’s respective owner(s).