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If there are any questions you would like to ask pertaining to special education in general, special education in Saudi or Helping Hands Support Services, please put them here. I will be more than happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Are there any services in Jeddah that can help my child who has Autism?

There are services in Jeddah that may be able to help your child who has Autism. Please click the "Services and Locations" tab to contact other services who may be able tot help you.

My child's day school/ center wants to sit with me to write his IEP, what is that?

In short an IEP is an Individualized Education Plan. You, your child's teacher and other school officials will put together this plan of educational action for your child.

Are there any services in Jeddah that cater to children who do not speak Arabic?

Far as I know there are not many special needs services that cater to children with special needs, in which Arabic is not their first language. For specific services, please email me for names of places that do cater to other Arabic speaking children or go to the "Services and Location" tab to contact the services listed there. 

What is the average cost for services for children with special needs in Jeddah?

With my research the average cost for services for children with special needs range anywhere from 20, 000- 35,000 SR a year. This doesn't include assessment fee's or transportation. 

My daughter has Down Syndrome, where can I find her some help?

Inshallah, you should be able to find your child help at most if not all of the centers that are here in Jeddah. (if that's where you are) From my research and knowledge about the types of services offered here, most of the centers or programs have something to offer to children with Down Syndrome. 

Please look on the "Services and Locations" tab where I have listed the names of some centers and programs that may be of benefit to you.

I think my child is delayed in some way, where can I go to find out if this is the case?

I would like to have someone in the classroom with my son at his school. He attends an international school but he doesn't understand whats going on in the classroom. (he has been diagnosed with a learning disability) To have someone with him in the classroom would be of much assistance. Is there people who do that here?

Having a classroom aid or in-class aid/specialist doesn't seem to be something that's done often within the schools here. Helping Hands Support Services of Helping Hands Educational Program offer a service called "Specialized Instruction" where there is a specialist in the classroom with your child during his/her most frustrating times. That could be math or even reading. For a few hours a day someone can be with your child helping to control behaviors or understanding lessons in a different way in which they can understand. 

My child is having a hard time reading English. Should I just find him an English tutor?

When a child has a hard time reading a few questions usually come to mind. The first question is: Is the language he or she reading in, his/her's first language. Sometimes when a child's native language is, lets say Arabic and  the targeted learning language is English, the child can be really confused. The pronunciation of letters can be confusing. Having a tutor can help with this issue.

The second question is: Does the child also have trouble with reading their native language? If so then maybe different actions should be taken. it is possible the child should be tested for some sort of learning disability. This should first come of course after additional help.

I just had a baby and the doctor told me she has Down Syndrome. What should I do?

You should find help immediately for your child. The earlier the child receives help (interventions and developmental help) the better. There are not many places here who conduct early intervention for newborns, but services do exist. Please contact me for further information about this. 

I have never heard of Helping Hands Support Services. Are they new? Where are they located?

Helping Hands is a new program in Jeddah, KSA. Helping Hands does not have a specific location. All services are based out of the child's home. Each specialist is sent to the child/families home to conduct individualized activities and therapies to fit the needs of the child. 

In home services are awesome for children who have special needs because some children have difficulties with transitions. To have the child in their own familiar environment makes services easier to conduct and is beneficial to all parties involved. 

To contact Helping Hands, click the "Services and Locations" tab for contact info.

I am homeschooling my special needs child. Is this a good idea? What types of things should I include when working with him throughout the school day?

If you think Homeschooling is a good idea for your child, please do it. Every families circumstance is different and their reasons for homeschooling are different. If this is best for your family, go along with it.

Pick a homeschool curriculum that will cater to your child's needs. Things to include within your homeschool curriculum would be life skills and maybe arts and crafts to keep the assignments and schedule exciting.

Additionally, if you have not found a homeschool curriculum that fits the needs of your family, contact Helping Hands Homeschool Service for a consultation and details about their homeschool curriculum.

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