Thursday, June 14, 2012

Special Needs Alert

Wouldn't it be a good idea if some sort of alert was established for children with special needs here in Saudi? For example, A child with Autism goes missing. How would we be able to find him or her? What if he or she is non-verbal and isn't able to talk? How would they tell a stranger what their name is or who their mom and dad is? Maybe by having something similar to an Amber Alert (which is a system in America used for children who have gone missing) put in place could make thin a little easier for parents.

Some children with Autism may not understand the dangers that could happen to them, therefore, break away from the family or group out of complete curiosity . But if the child doesn't have like a name bracelet or any type of identification on him or her then no one would know what family they belong too. I know this may seem like a foreign concept to people living here in the Kingdom, but I think its something that could be put in place by a Prince, overseen by a Ministry. (Am I getting a little too ahead of myself?)

Mention this idea to people you know, I will do so as well. Being that everything is done by word of mouth here anyway, this idea may reach the right people, and Allahu Alim, before we know it, it could be a country wide thing!

(Just a little reminder)


  1. Assalamualaikum Ummaryam, do you know of any schools that have a special class for the special needs children. I have a son with autism, aged 12. He is non-verbal. We are currently looking for a school for him. We are looking for an English medium school. Jazakillahu khairan kathira.

    1. Walakium saalam,

      Ameen yaaki, Inshallah.

      As far as schools with English instruction who cater to children with special needs is Hope-for exceptional needs. Their contact info is under the "services and locations" tab. Additionally, Helping Hands offers In-home school services in which a specialist brings the traditional school day into the home of the child, using English as the medium. The contact info for Helping Hands is also under the "Service and locations" tab.

      May Allah make this quest for a good school easy for you and your family, Ameen.

    2. asalaam aleikum, it is certainly a need for some sort of alert for children with special needs. There can be a cooperative effort with the police department, where they can establish a special data base for families with special need children. that data base could cover the up to date picture, of the person /child, marks disability, ability, name, medications, likes dislikes, as well as their strength and weakness, what they respond to and how. Also, the parents should have a data sheet at home as well, with pictures and above mentioned data. this way if the child goes missing they know which areas they have to cover first. For example the child likes playground than see the nearest playground if the child maybe there and so on. this way many unnecessary effort can be avoided as well as better chance to locate the child safely. We should get together and request some sort of service like this.

  2. As Salam aleykum Uhkti . MashaAllah this is a wonderful idea . There is a progressive show here MBC airing in Riyadh , I will ask dh the name but it talks about changes needed here in the kingdom. It is one of my must watch shows and I was wondering if we could start a petition showing the need for this Arab Amber Alert and then send to the show contact as well as wherever else. Yes everything starts here with word of mouth and for all kids this would be so nice mashallah . Jazak Allah khair .


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