Friday, May 25, 2012

Is it just me or does no one care about children with special needs?

For the past few weeks I have been out-n-about continuing with my special needs awareness project. I have gone to a few international schools, institutes, stores and other centers who cater to children with special needs. I have met many nice people through it all Mashallah. People who care about these children and their families, people who have put forth quality time to educate others. I have also come across people who don't care one bit and then those who say they care, but their physical actions don't show it. All this puts a bad taste in my mouth!

I started thinking that maybe its because I'm from America, my outlook about special education or children with special needs differs from other peoples outlook. Programs, organizations who create awareness programs and  people in the field of special education aim towards helping those with special needs.  I have come across people (of multiple nationalities) who aren't affected by this topic at all. It seems if the person doesn't work in the field (and even some who work in the field don't seem to be effected) or have a family member with special needs.... they could care less.

Though I have no intentions of letting this deter me from my purpose, it is a little disappointing. For some reason I was expecting people, especially those already in the field to be interested in making a difference. Well I am going to keep doing what I was doing and hopefully, by Allah's will, make a difference in the society here. Helping Hands Special Needs Awareness Project continues....


  1. Yes I think you do have to cater for the fact you will find different perspectives and reactions in Saudi than would be expected in a western country. But don't let it discourage you. Inshallah may it inspire you that what you are trying to do is a much needed.

  2. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    You go girl! Do NOT let it deter you and keep doing what you're doing! May Allah reward you for your efforts!


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