Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is a Home Visitor?

An (educational) Home Visitor is a professional who comes to your home to work with you and your child to meet educational needs. Home Visitors are usually experienced in family interactions and are skilled in knowing how to meet your needs. Home Visitors are commonly outsourced from an agency or company in which they are given a schedule of different families to meet.

One of the unique strengths of a Home Visitor is the way they are able to interact with families and meet the goals of the family. Being that no one family is the same it is the responsibility of the Specialist or Home Visitor to tailor to the families specific needs.   Home Visitors improve interactions between the parent and child. They promote healthy growth and development and works toward the success of the child and the family on a whole.

Helping Hands Support Services model the Home Visitor technique. Offering 7 services,there are specialists who come to the home of the family to work with the child and family. Helping Hands Specialists work specifically with children who have special needs. Needs that consist of therapy, interventions,specialized instruction, etc. The activities  are developmentally appropriate and  meet the specific needs of the child and family. Children with Down Syndrome, Autism, Learning disabilities and others are welcomed to enroll. Families can expect specialists to be caring, hard working and willing to make a difference by using professional methods and research based activities.

To inquire please contact Helping Hands at or visit the Helping Hands Support Services tab on this blog.

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  1. i am a male psychiatry nurse i would like to work with autisum children. If u r intrested pls call me my mob no 0594985633


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