Sunday, January 8, 2012

Parent Involvement

There are many reasons why I love the field of education, but one of the main reasons I love this field is due to interaction with parents. I am that teacher that sits by the door waiting for parents to pick up their children just so I can tell them how their childs day went. Telling them what the child learned and how it can be implemented at home. I believe this to be a good quality in a teacher. I think that involving the parent in the childs education will benefit everyone involved. I have never had a parent say this, but maybe some parents dont want their childs teacher to do this. Maybe they are not looking for a verbal progress report from me. As long as their child hasnt done anything wrong, or isnt hurt, they may not be looking for any updates. If this is the case, you dont want be to your childs teacher!!!

Now speaking as a parent; I want my child's teacher to give me updates about whats going on in the classroom. When I pick my daughter up from school, I am looking for her teacher to tell me the good as well as the bad she has done so I can fix it. Also, I want her to tell me what new things shes learned today so I can practice them with her at home, maybe as I am fixing dinner. But not all parents are like this and with so many other things going on in their lives, some could care less about "small" things like this. But isnt this apart of strong positive upbringing of the child? Dont we want our children to know that we care? Dont we want to be included in their education?

Here in Saudi, it doesnt seem common to have parents asking the teachers what can they do at home to help the child's educational progress. Keep in mind in some cases your childs teacher is with your child as much as you are or more, so what they say does matter.  And you being involved matters too. The more you (as the parent) can help the better.

When I was a kid, my mother was ALWAYS at my school! She was involved in what is known in the U.S as Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and any other things that allowed her to be involved at my school. My teachers were always able to reach her and it was known if there is any reason that a teacher wanted to speak with her, they were not to hesitate! As a child this was annoying, but as an adult with children of my own , I can appreciate it. It was needed and it helped me focus more and interact in the classroom as well as take my education seriously.

Parent Involvement is important for the child as well as the parent. When the parents are involved in activities with the children, it helps the child to realize the worth of the activity or realize the achivements made. Speaking with teachers and school authority is important as it is a sure way that everyone involved is on the same page with helping th child. This is the case with the childs teacher, Occupational Therapist, Interventionist or any other service provider because all involved is taking the parent and childs interest to heart and wanting to make a difference. 

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