Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little about ME!

So I am sure some of you are kind of curious about why I have started I am Special With Needs! Wanting to know what has driven me to the field and what I like about what I am doing, well here it is:

I started this blog because I felt it was needed. I felt this would be my way of sharing what I know about special education and making an awareness about this field. I felt that I can use this for a means of resource for those who don't know about children with special needs, the field of special education and whats available in Saudi Arabia.

The experience I  have with children who have special needs in an educational setting is short, but with the more research I do, the more people I come across, the experience I get and the more I  learn, the more I would like to share. I have been moved by the experiences that showed me that Allah (God) has made everyone different and we should except that. At the same time, we should provide services and include children with disabilities and can help benefit them and make them strong individuals. As parents and educators we have to try our best to do whatever is possible for the child who is in need....this is what I am looking forward to doing :-)

Please continue to support I am Special With Needs! as well as spreading the word to whomever you know that would benefit from the information.

Thank you,

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