Tuesday, October 25, 2011

....Beacuse we need to Know.....

 From what I have seen, read and heard there are many parents and educators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are not properly informed about disabilities amongst children. So how are we to educate and care for these children without the proper information,tools and accessories to do so?

This is why I decided to create this blog, to use it as a tool to inform those who simply, don't know. I want those who are unaware to gain knowledge about the care that is needed to raise and educate loving and happy children, without feeling helpless.

As an educator, It is important to gain knowledge about the children with whom you work with so that you can provide an education that is beneficial to them, while building a relationship with the child that is meaningful and long lasting.

As a parent, it is important  to gain knowledge so that you know how to deal with your child accordingly because after all,  you are the child's caregiver. It can be frustrating and tiring to properly raise and care for a child with disabilities, but it can also be rewarding. 

I hope this blog is informative for those seeking additional insight on different topics relating to children with disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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