Friday, August 30, 2013

Include them too !

Inclusion- Inclusion is a type of educational approach. In this approach children with special needs usually spend half to all of their school day with children who do not have special needs while having lessons adapted by teachers and other support staff to fit their needs.

With the web-based research I have been doing, I have come across some really different views about Inclusion  throughout Special Education classrooms everywhere.

Some think that it's  a hindrance on the teachers and other staff to have to incorporate modified lessons for the special needs children into the daily lessons that are planned for the typical needs children. Others believe this is what a special needs student needs and adapt and cater to the needs of the special needs child as well as the typical needs child.

Being that not much research has been done about the true outcomes and feelings of inclusion, I figured I would posse the question:

Do you as a teacher believe inclusion classrooms are beneficial?
Where you trained to be a teacher who works in an inclusive classroom?
If beneficial, how did your students benefit from this type of setting?
If not beneficial, why do you feel it didn't help or benefit your students?

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