Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Homeschooling and The Special Needs Child

Homeschooling everywhere is starting to become a household favorite as more and more parents tend to opt for it as there child's form of education. It is hard to find good, quality education and more so when finding education for a child with special needs.

With rise of abuse by teachers and pupils alike and unjust treatment of children with special needs while in school, parents are now slowly looking into other ways of educating their children. Homeschooling has become "that way". There are many curriculums out there that cater to the needs of special needs children's education style. There are also other curriculums that are not tailored for special needs children, but can be modified to fit their needs.

There are quiet a few families in Saudi Arabia who have opted for Homeschooling for their special needs child. This largely has to do with the unsatisfactory degree of education that takes place here. In addition to the small amount of qualified special education or quality teachers that exist here.

With homeschooling, parents have control over what the child is learning. They also have control over who is present and who is teaching it. Though parents sometimes feel they don't have the time or they don't know how, homeschooling doesn't require you to have prior knowledge about your child's grade level. Most if not all of the curriculums you would follow have instructions or an outline for you to follow. Or there is also the option of you making your own curriculum. Though this may take time to figure out it may be the better option as you would know how your child learns.

There are also options for a homeschool teacher to come to your home and teach your child. Helping Hands offers the option of a teacher coming to your home and teaching your special needs child. Just like being in a traditional school, but being educated in the home with books and supplies that are supplied by Helping Hands.

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