Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day in Haiffa Mall

Yesterday, at the Haifa Mall in Jeddah was a World Down Syndrome program sponsered by Princess Al- Jawhara Center of Excellence in Research of Hereditary Disorders. For the program (which was set-up inside the mall) were booths set up from different companies, schools and programs who cater to children with special needs particularly children with Down Syndrome.

Booth's from Help Center were set-up. At this booth they explained they were looking for used iphones, ipads and ipod's available for donation. A booth from a place I had never heard of was set-up named "Get Smart Center". I was told they are a center gearded towards children with behavioral  problems.  I am very interested in going to check out the center.

There was a nice turn out of people at the function. Parents of children with Down Syndrome, as well as special educators and community citizens.

This is a photo of children and adults with special needs taken at the program.

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