Monday, March 5, 2012

Helping Hands Support Services- for children with special needs

Just wanted to tell you all that I have launched a new in-home services program for children with special needs. The name of the program is Helping Hands Educational Program.

7 services for families are offered with in the program. The services are based upon the developmental need of each child. Each service is planned specifically to tailor the SPECIFIC need of the child.  The reason I have decided to start this is basically for the same reason I started this blog; just because there are not many resources and services for children and families with special needs. So I decided to change that and offer services in the home of the family, to help children develop and help families get ahead.

There are hourly fees that apply to each service. Enrollment consists of completing an application and an assessment on the child and family. Scholarships and payment plans are available for families who have financial difficulties.

If interested, please contact Helping Hands at Thank you in advance for your support and please don't forget to inform your family and friends who currently reside in KSA about these services.

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