Thursday, February 2, 2012

Like Me Like You Series

Today I went to Obeikan Bookstore looking for children's books and came across a series called "Like Me Like You" by Jillian Powell, published by Evans Books publishing company based in the U.K.

The series of books are about different children who have special needs. Special needs like Down's Syndrome, Asthma, Hearing loss etc. The first book of the series I saw on the shelf at the bookstore was "Like Me Like You, Luke has Down's Syndrome". I thought wow this is an interesting topic, let me open it up and read inside.....I feel in love with it. When I looked up again I saw, "Like Me Like You, Thomas has Autism". I said to myself I got to get these books. I then looked on the back of the books to see if it was a series and sure enough it was....a series of 8 books.

Needless to say I purchased the whole series, except 1 because it was not in stock. I recommend that you (my blog readers) get a hold of these books and have your special needs children read them, have your typical-needs children read them, friends and family members who may be in the dark about children with disabilities. The books are easy to follow and have pictures of the children whom the story is talking about.

There is a link below to check out the books via

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