Sunday, November 13, 2011

Early Intervention: Is This What My Child Needs?

If your child has been medically diagnosed with a type of developmental delay,(includes; physical development delay, emotional development delay cognitive development delay or self-help skills) you should look into early intervention programs in your area.  Early Intervention promotes children's growth and development, as well as  show support to families during the most critical years of a child's life.

The purpose of early intervention is to assure that families get the proper resources that help in maximizing the development of the child. The earlier the services start, the sooner families receive support. Early intervention services can be home-based where a professional would come to your home and work with you and your child or school-based, where there is a professional at your child's school who would provide services to your child.

There are different types of services offered, some include:

Nutrition Services- services that help address the nutritional needs of the child. Including but not limited to; identifying feeding skills, food habits, feeding problems etc.

Social Work Services: preparing an assessment of the social and emotional strengths and needs of a child and family and using that to provide individual or group services such as counseling or family training.

Family Training: services provided by personnel to assist the family in understanding the special needs of the child and in promoting the development of that child.

Special Instruction: this includes designing learning environments and activities that promote the child's development and providing families with information, skills and support to enhance the child's development.

Physical therapy, speech therapy and other types of services are included in the early intervention services.

Please start early intervention services, early. Again, the earlier the services, the better for the child's development and the family.

If you have any questions in regards to early intervention in Saudi Arabia, please send an email to to get service information.

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